Subliminal Health Fitness Videos

From Nelson Berry

Also known as the work out without working out videos, or the Warrior Warm Up Videos.

These wonderful videos are designed to do 2 things:  Provide positive affirmations to your subconscious, to signal your body to rev up its metabolism.  At the same time, the subliminal suggestions are also designed to get you into the mindset of WANTING to work out, so you will be more motivated to go that extra mile for your physical fitness success.


While our site sells two of the Subliminal Health Fitness videos we have purchased resale licenses for, (Ready to Relax, #5; and I Love You, #6), you can really get a better deal by purchasing the set through Clickbank.  It is around $38.00, and you get between 8-10 videos just for signing up, depending on what their current offering is.  You then have a monthly membership, which you can cancel at any time, without further obligation.  Your first month's payment also gets you the video of the month, so that is like 9 to 11 videos, for just $38.00.  Some months you get a bonus audio, or bonus 2nd video, so it's really a pretty sweet deal.  Please see below if you just want to purchase the ones we resell.

For our resale videos

Please visit our site, subliminal video messages to see all the titles we offer through our resale licenses, (personal use only), including the two Subliminal Health Fitness titles.

 Warrior Warm Up Videos